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Cut to the Chase 

Every day! Every day the same. Eat eat eat work work work work laugh laugh laugh drink drink drink text text text sleep sleep sleep why am I always needing to sleep? Haven’t I had enough by now? Well damn, I need my morning coffee! Can’t start a day without a good ole cuppa joe. You know me when I don’t have my coffee haha. Don’t forget to balance it with a big pint of water. A good breakfast can make for a wonderful day. And a wonderful day can make for a wonderful life. Can’t wait to do this all again tomorrow.

I LIVE for mornings. I dream about breakfasts. I fantasise about my schedule for the coming morning, noting to myself all the tiny irregularities, Don’t Forget!!!!! Bank!!! Meet X For Coffee!!! Put On Washing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live a good life. I’ll never get bored of this. I have created the perfect routine, mastered the not too bland, not too tasty very healthy breakfast that is as enjoyable to prepare as it is to consume.

My body should be thankingme, worshiping me. Look at what I am doing for you! I always provide you with a healthy breakfast. God only knows what would happen if I wasn’t here to look out for you. You’d probably be on drugs or having a carb loaded cholesterol heavy start to the day, with a breakfast roll. A breakfast roll? Breakfast roll you off your chair and down the street you’d be so fat.
But seriously, get to the point, show me the money, cut a long story short, reap the rewards, get on with it, get down to business, get on with the show, get down to brass tacks, shoot straight, come fast around the long bend, let’s not beat around the bush, let’s Cut To The Chase.