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Aoife Ward is an Irish artist who works in a seriously un-serious way. She is obsessed with things going really, really wrong.                                                                                   
Useless and futile gestures are her bread and  butter and she seeks out the inevitable failures of everyday life.                                   

Aoife Ward has a BA International degree in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland and the Aki ArtEZ College of Arts,  Enschede, the Netherlands. In 2019 after graduating from NCAD she was accepted on her first residency at Ateliers ’89 in Aruba. Here she had her first solo show, ‘USELESS IS NECESSARY’ where she delved into the action of doing something while simultaneously un-doing it. Aoife now has a studio in La Catedral Studios in Dublin,  where she is working towards her first solo show in Ireland, in the Strule Arts Centre, Fermanagh in 2021

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