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Through working with objects no longer fit for their intended purpose, Aoife has explored the work/life balance of an artist. With her current status set as unemployed, she has questioned the hours spent in her studio working. Was this time spent at labour or leisure? All efforts made to gain employment have been displaced onto the objects, highlighting their lack of qualifications. Absurd and desperate solutions have been made in order to upskill these objects, allowing them to return to the working world.

The show’s title stems from the phrase coined by labour rights activists fighting to reduce the working day to 8 hours, allowing time for leisure during the day. “Eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of what we will”. When it comes to the artist’s job, it is hard to tell which bracket it falls into. Is it ‘work’? Is it ‘rest’? Or is it simply, ‘what we will’?

Opening night 3rd of February, artist talk and discussion of works 4th February. Exhibition closes 26th February.

Strule Arts Centre, awarded by Fermanagh and Omagh Arts and Culture 2021